Made a decision about my buckskin Soho satchel...

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  1. Its staying! I just cant part with it. It is such a classy bag - I really dont have anything so...substantial is maybe the word. I love all my bags, especially my Legacy ones, but this one is just a different size/shape/color/everything than anything I've owned thus far. I took ALL of the paper out of it (and boy did they have that baby stuffed!) and put it on w/my stuff in it and I just melted. Its just a really gorgeous bag. I might not use it every day due to the fact that it is on the larger/heavier side, but I will use it, year round, during those times when I need a WOW bag! That being said, I love my black pleated satchel, but its not really spring-y, especially with the pebbly leather, but I have to keep it because its so of course you know where this is going...I ordered the burnt orange one as well! I really want one of the satchels for the spring, and the Soho is tan, so I decided on the burnt orange satchel. Whew! I'm done until Christmas!!! Will post pictures of burnt orange and of my trio of new bags hopefully early next week.
  2. What a great solution to your dilemma - 3 gorgeous bags! I am glad you are keeping the Soho - it is such a stunner and like you said, seems to have a unique place in your collection. :tup:
  3. Congrats on the New Burnt Orange satchel!!! Also.. you made a good choice the buckskin is fabulous!!
  4. Yay for you! I love your Soho!
  5. Excellent choices on all counts! I wish I could get an Ergo in each color, they are so gorgeous!
  6. I think you made a great decision to keep the Soho!!

    You said your black satchel is pebble grain?? Is that true of all of the leather versions or just the black?? One reason I haven't ordered the burnt orange leather satchel is because it looks slicky like and thin leather from the photos I've seen...almost like a patent. Or is that the flash that caused it?? I know Coachgirl12 said the patent version is very thick leather, and I expect that to look slicky. I really can't decide between the burnt orange and the navy patent, but I would really prefer a pebble grain TBH! I also can't decide between the pleated satchel and the convertible tote. I think I'll hold off for a while.
  7. you made a wise choice ;)
  8. Speaking of you black ergo satchel, I saw one IRL today at the store and the leather wasn't pebbled at all....I wonder if it is just the grain on your bag? I love the new satchels but they are too big for me :sad:
  9. You know I was thinking that - I wonder if I just got a pebbly one? I might actually take it back and have them order me another one and see what happens.
  10. The owner of the burnt orange one that I've seen on here (I have to go back and find her post) said it was regular leather, vintage-y and therefore could scratch, but quite honestly I prefer that type of leather over pebbled leather. I may call CS before I bring it into the store and see what they say.
  11. It's interesting because I've noticed on the Vachetta bags that different dyes seem to react differently and give a different texture to the leather. I love the grain and texture, so I think that's one reason I like the metallic Bridgit and the Atlantic Lily. Whereas the clay, camel, chili, and walnut colors result in a smooth texture with sort of a weathered uneven appearance (overall). The whiskey and rose dyes seem to coat the heaviest but is still smooth.

    Are the satchels supposed to be burnished leather or what? I have not seen these IRL.

    But yeah, if you're not happy about the grain, I would send it back. This is one reason I LOVE to walk out of the store with the bag...I am SO picky on things like this. I like to compare multiple bags and choose the one that has the most character for me! Unfortunately, the way Coach is set up, most of the time this is not possible...but my SA is quite helpful in this regard (which is much appreciated)!!
  12. YAY!!!


    I love that Soho satchel! It's nice to live vicariously through someone who has the bag you're lusting after.... LOL
  13. Woo Hoo! Congrats on a decision. I can not wait to see your burnt orange one, I love that one. We'll just see how well you do holding out until Chiristmas :graucho: Congrats on such gorgeous bags!
  14. Yeah!!! I am so glad that you decided to keep the soho...
    I do believe that that bag is going to be a will not see a million of them running around...
  15. Do you have a pic of your Soho satchel, donnalynn? Ooo, the burnt orange sounds springy and fall-y! All year-y! lol