mad ARHHH!!!!

  1. So i wasnt crazy about anything in the sale right...but i ended up liking a baseball cap, as some of you know i was jipped adn it went out of stock so i was like whatever.

    THen i checked the website againa and saw the blue tote...and i was like hey that would be cute for school so i got that, figured people on here said there was plenty available so i was like win win situation

    BUT THEN!!!! I get an email saying they are trying to locate the bag! ARHHHH!!!!!!!!! NO FAIR NO FAIR!! :crybaby: everything i want goes out of stock! While they did not yet tell me its out of stock and i wont get it, but its been 10 days and they still havnt processed my order!!

    IM SO MAD!!!

    thanks for listening guys :sad: im so mad i didnt know what else to do!! :cursing:
  2. I'd be mad too if I were you. Can you call them up and push them a little?
  3. ive BEEN pushing and i think they are getting annoyed!!! man i should have just ordered through my SA, but it was in the middle of the night and i just HAD to order it right then and there!

    AHHHHHHHH!!! im so mad :sad: and i cant even cancel the order and do it through my SA because i gave my brothers credit card back :sad: im so sad
  4. I received that email as well for two items I ordered. The black tote w/ white leather handles (script logo) and the medium black logo tote. (yeah I love tote!!!) i hope both items go through.
  5. Ohh.. I'm so sorry.. Well I returned my Gucci Tote (not the script one) so maybe others might be returning theirs? I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  6. hehe thanks guys!!

    i mean the sad part is i wasnt a million % in love with the bag but that night i was just WANTING something haha and i thought it would be cute for school!! :sad: well if i dont get it itll be like a blessing in disguise because ill be able to get another bag, right? haha

    THANKS GUYS!!! i just hate how gucci's ordering system works BLAH!!!
  7. Well if it was meant to be, then they will track one down for you! Keeping fingers crossed!!
  8. good luck! it seems as if you need a lot of it when it comes to gucci lately:smile:
  9. hehe thanks guys...

    tabbi have u had a problem with gucci too??

    I mean i cant believe the way they are treating their customers!!! sell what u have, not an excess!!! its 2007 ud THINK they would have decent computer systems UGHHHHHH!
  10. i don't buy online (they don't ship to our country) but even if they do I'd be very afraid that I'd be shipped the wrong item and it will be a lot of hassle. Just buy from the boutique. lotsa luck!:smile:
  11. thanks :smile:


    i STILL dont have my bag!!! they said they finnally found one, blah blah was supposed to be here on wednesday but its saturday and STILL not here! i call and they are like well we forgot to put your apt number!!!!!! WTH?? and its going to come monday!