Macys F&F - Time? Wanna Get My Coach!

  1. What time are the stores opening? Normal time or early today? I would like to get up there early so I can go back to bed this AM!
  2. As far as I know, it's the same time as usual, which is typically 10:0 a.m.
  3. Drat. I was hoping to go there at 7 or 8! Oh well!
  4. Nope....two of my Macy's said 10 o'clock :sad: Have fun!!!
  5. I'm heading there on my lunch hour today and I can hardly wait!! :nuts:
  6. I am going to go pick up my Ergo tote at lunchtime. I don't know why but I don't feel excited at all. I already paid it off - it's at a great discount....such a wierd feeling. And I'd been obsessing over that purse for ages. I guess my recent Large Carly and Whiskey Shoulder bag purchases have taken the wind out of this purchase. My Black Shoulder bag came back from Coach repairs this past week too so I kinda feel pursed out! Maybe I'll feel different when it's in my hands.....
  7. With the friends and family sale, do you need a coupon or is it just when you use your macys card? And is it really off coach (i just find it hard to believe) if so theres a bag at the macys down the street with my name on it!
  8. My Macys doesn't have Coach and I couldn't use the coupon on-line...
  9. Noshoepolish, this post cracked me up. In the past I remember thinking that december holiday mall hours are so convenient they should open at 7:00 all year. lol I know most people in retail don't feel the same though.
    Oh and have fun getting your bag, looking forward to seeing the pics later today.
  10. Just print the coupon from this thread that court811 posted if you don't have one:

    Yes, it is absolutely valid on Coach! There's no question about that at all.
  11. I finally got the email version of the F&F coupon today...nothing like waiting till the last minute, Macy's! :p

    But mine looks different than court811's. Mine is red and is only one square instead of two like court's.

    Guess where I'm going to go today! :yes:
  12. They hand them out on the way in the door. I got in there at 10 and was disappointed. No patent ergos. No new signature stuff. I left empty handed.

    They had out some ergos and a few legacy bags. They had a shoulder bag in whiskey but it was really scratched up.
  13. Can't wait to hear what everyone gets!!!
  14. I wonder if alot of people even though about the F&F sale going on at doesn't seem like out outside of this forum?
  15. Inspired by Sialia, I got a medium camel leather Carly today! I love it!