macy's and PCE

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  1. I have read multiple times on tpf that macy's will honor pce but the sa's in my area are clueless. My friend wants the MIA carryall in berry but missed the VIP sale. I told her maybe she could use my pce at macys. question is who knows a macys that will honor coach pce and will they do a charge/send OR is there anything I can say soo the sa will know what I'm talking about?
  2. I was wondering about this too...I know some Macy's used to do this, no problem. A year or two ago, they even had a sign up in the few different Macy's near where I lived at the time marking all the Coach 25% off during PCE time, which was awesome, especially because you couldn't use any coupons on Coach at all during that time. They did also have a a lot more markdowns then too(quantity, not variety) but they did a price match thing for the full price stuff. I'm pretty sure Nordstroms did this too. I haven't seen in at all during 2010 though so I bet Coach stopped it but it may be one of those, if you ask the right person sorta things, you can get it.
  3. I have gotten a PCE discount at both Nordstrom ans Macys.
  4. I have also heard that Dillard's will honor PCE. But it could depend on the SA that you get.
  5. [QUOTE=BuckeyeBabe;16680633]I have gotten a PCE discount at both Nordstrom ans Macys.[/QUOTE]

    You used it this pce?
  6. I confirmed that my Macy's will do the PCE. They even had the new bags out before Coach!