Mackage Sophia


Nov 18, 2009
Hi guys,

Long time lurker here :smile: ... I need some help from you fashionistas as I'm sorta kinda new to the whole realm of fashion. I have a choice between the Mackage Sophia in chocolate (very dark) brown or black. I bought the black but haven't worn yet and thinking of possibly returning it for the brown. but I feel black is more versatile but then again brown really brings out the style. Also considering that I've paid $600 for the jacket, I'm thinking black is a safer choice. Would you agree?

Any help here is much much much appreciated ladies!


Sep 19, 2008
World Traveller
if u don't mind me asking, which one did u keep?
and what sizes were they?
i'm looking for a mackage jacket, but hard to find the right size :sad:
I also have trouble sizing in Mackage. I usually have to get a Medium to fit my shoulders and have the sides taken in to fit the rest of me.