MacBook (11") in Prada Double Bag medium - does it fit?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I've been eyeing the Prada Double bag for a lont time and think I'm going to get it now (need to order on line). I understand there are 3 sizes. I wonder if a MacBook (the thing gold ones, 12") would fit in the medium sized one? I'm afraid the larger one would be too big for me as an everyday bag, but I also want to be able to carry my MacBook when I need to.
  2. I'm trying to figure this out as well! I just ordered my bag, so when I get it I will let you know for sure. I found this video helpful:
    She slips her laptop inside the bag - I think she says the size of the laptop but I could be wrong. Also, I think that the term "medium" is used inconsistently which can make purchasing confusing.
  3. Her pronunciation of "cuir" may drive me crazy ...