MAC paints

  1. Hi all..
    How do you all feel about the MAC paints? I love them. How do you use them? I like them as a primer, holds shadow really well. What colors do you use?
  2. Love them! They are the only "shadows" that I use because everything else fades too quickly. My favorite is Magrittes for day, with shimma, chartru and graphito for evening looks.
  3. I adore MAC paints! I like them because they blend so well as creams before they dry to a crease-free finish. They last all day too.

    I use Stilife as a brow highlighter and eyeshadow base, Graphito as a liner or for the smoky eye look, and Mauvism for a flirtatious/date-night look. Recently, I tried a paint pot (solid version of their paints) and really like the texture of that too :biggrin:
  4. I use Bare Study as a base sometimes, but I have so many other products that I use as bases too so this one doesn't get used that much. :p
  5. i love them
  6. I always use them as base, such a nice product to use as a base, loooooove them :heart:
  7. I use MAC Paints purely as a base too, usually Bare Canvas or Baselight (So pretty!). Recently though I've been buying the Paint Pots more just because their quicker to apply and quicker to dry too and some of the colours are SO pretty.

    Shadesticks make nice bases aswell, although they seem to be decreasing in popularity recently.

  8. they don't make shimma anymore.. its my fav too
  9. Mauvism is one of my favorites! so sad it's not available anymore! :confused1:
    I love MAC paint pots. Paint and paint pots are basically the same thing. One is in a tube an one is in a pot. I prefer the paint pot, it's so much easier to work with. That tube is uncontrollable sometimes! Bare Study is one I use quite frequently along with my new favorite soft orche (yellow based matte) released with n collection. Cash Flow released with Fafi is awesome!!! Goldish Brown. def a must if you wear goldish brown eye shadows.

  10. I am going to definetly try the paint pots, since I am a paint tube addict. I love bare canvas, what is comprable to it?
    Do you also apply it with your fingertips?
  11. I use paint pots. I've been using "rubenesque" a lot. I barely use powder unless it is going over the paint pot shadow. They're addictive.:heart:

  12. Use your fingers to get into difficult areas. Or if you have a really good eyeshadow brush, use that. :yes:
  13. I tried Bare Canvas as an eyeshadow base and did NOT like it at all. It creased after a few hours, and it also seemed to make my eyeshadow disappear even faster. I prefer Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base... and I am too lazy/don't have enough time to use paints as eyeshadow. :p