MAC mineral foundation

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  1. has anyone tried the mac mineral loose powder foundation? i used studio fix for years and then found bareminerals and have been switching between mineral makeups for the past 2 years and wondering if the new mac one could be the winner. wondering how the coverage is? is it as thick as studio fix because thats what turned me away. please share your experience if you have tried it. thank you :smile:
  2. I have also been curious about the mineral foundation as well. I switch between my bare escentuals and LM tinted moisturizer...

    The only thing that has kept me from trying MAC's mineral make-up so far is the lack of feedback. This makes me assume it isn't anything to brag about..:s
  3. hey me too! i haven't heard anything about it! I use EDM foundation and I love it. it feels like nothing and gives me better coverage than MAC foundation.
  4. When I was talking to a mua at MAC about their different foundations, she referred to it as "mineral powder." So I asked her "Is it like mineral foundation?" And she sort of made a confused face and skirted the question. My guess is that it covers more like a loose powder than a foundation. But I haven't tried it, so I could be completely wrong :shrugs:
  5. I use the Mineralzie Foundation. Its the loose powder, but covers like a foundation. I really like mine, you can build up the coverage or do a lighter coverage. From what i have heard it wasn't really a good seller but i have no problems with it. I have dry skin so i do spray my face with fix+ after, but i do like the coverage and texture. Hope that helps!
  6. the MA told me that it oxidises easily on the skin, so evn the light was too dark for me. i would recommend you getting a match if you are planning on buying it.
    i instead use MAC mineralize skinfinish natural (the pressed one) buffed into my skin when i dont want to wear liquid, and it gives me a buildable light to medium coverage.