mac eyeshadow pro palletes?

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  1. How many of you purchase the pro eyeshadows from MAC and create your own palletes?

    The shdadows are a few dollars cheaper -$3.50 cheaper- and I love it!

    I have over 60-65 regular potted eyeshadows from MAC until last year I discovered the pro shadows. I have created 2 full 15 pot palletes already and am still going strong!

    Anyone else doing this?

    also, does anyone know how to depot the regular shadows so I can stick them in the pallete?

  2. I do. There the best . You can but your own pallets out of Mac and bring your colours around with you. To depot them I do burn a candle or lighter under the case it will soften a bit melting the glue inside the case. Then when the case get softish get a pen (something like that) and push the case bottom up... the eyeshadow should push up and you should be able to take it out. Saying that be care full they can break.

    Hope I explained it OK.:smile:
  3. isnt the black mac case plastic, will it burn/melt if i hold it over a candle?
    the shadow wont melt will it? LOL also, how do i know when its ready to be popped out? is there a magent under the shadow pot so that it wont move around inside the pallete? sorry for all the questions, but i used a pair of tweezers to push out the shadow once, and it broke in half =(
  4. lol its ok. I use to work for mac and the girls told me to do that its the best way ( they might be better methods thou). it worked for me so it did :smile:, It does melt but it just goes soft. don't burn it too much you notice it when your doing it how long to leave it.. :biggrin: If you get me .:0 it is a magnet too at the bottom of them. Mine are perfect in my pallet. the tweezer thing happen to me I lost eyeshadows over doing that they get detroyed.

    But when you see it gething soft or if you don't notice it, burn the bottom for a less than a min then push it up with a pen, if it doesnt move burn again till it moves then the eyeshadow should pop up a bit then get tweezer under the eyeshadow and remove it. its just the glue holding it in. but get the tweezer right under. :smile: Hope that helps you a bit.
  5. Okay----I got it! I got 6 de-paned and into my i just have 13 to go and will need to go buy a new candle and new empty pallete first, then ill be done...thanks a ton!

    also, do you think i can take the empty containers to mac for the recycling program, even though there are burn holes on the bottom LOL
  6. My sister has the MAC palette that she picked out herself--such a good idea
  7. I'm glad it worked :biggrin: I think it's the best way, I say so. I don't know. I've so much to send in lol. Haven't yet. Next time your in you should ask. If I'm in in the next few weeks I'll ask. I'll keep you posted,:smile:
  8. I think this is the easiest way to depot, it's foolproof:

    MAC Cosmetics Australian Resource - depotting

    There is also another method using a straightening iron.