Mac Computer Bags!!!!

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  1. I'm wondering if any of you have found any stylish bags that look like handbags and will tote around a 13.3 inch Macbook safely... I'm starting to exist that a reasonably priced computer and cute computer bag does not exist! Thanks!
  2. Both my son and myself have MacBooks and he uses a sleeve made by So far, my Mac hasn't left the desk. However I do have a really nice leather Liz Claiborne laptop bag for when it does make a trek outdoors.
  3. I also have the incase neoprene sleeve that I use when putting my macbook in my Minkoff Nikki or Chloe paddy...I also have the incase laptop case that is fairly that you could carry it separately. I haven't been able to find it on the web, only in apple stores, but if I find it, I will leave you a link...pretty silver color, low profile. Otherwise I recommend you "sleeve it" and use any of your usual gorgeous bags....
  4. My MBP goes in a GYMSPacific sleeve and then into my tote or I carry it by itself in a Skooba sleeve. I used to carry it in a Sumdex SheRules Michelle brief, but one day the shoulder strap just UNBUCKLED by itself and my laptop went crashing to the ground. The bag apparently doesn't have enough padding because a corner got dented! :crybaby: So beware of those! Good thing MBPs have metal cases, because at least it didn't crack.
  5. I'm not sure if this is in your price range but Violet May London have some really lovely laptop/business bags, I have ordered one, what I like most about it is that you can keep your laptop inside the bag while you type on it as it unzips all the way around. Also you get 17% vat refunded if you live outside the EU
  6. I use incase. they are around 40USD.
  7. I like the LeSportsac laptop sleeves, they are cute!
  8. I love my sleeve its made by fabrix cases.
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