MAC broke after only one time use....

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  1. Ohhh I am so sad/mad.....:sad:

    I bought an bright orange colour MAC from LunaBoston just over a month ago and loved it. I love wearing it cross body using the longer strap option. I've only used it once!!
    This morning I took it out and I heard this spalsh sound, the MAC is on the floor! To my horro, the leather piece that's there holding the chain looping through BROKE! I don't know if it is the leather or the stiching!! But now, I can't wear the MAC anymore unless I hold it like a clutch.

    OHHHHH I am so unhappy about it. Has anyone had this happened to you? Do I go to a leather repair shop to have them resew the leather? It's passed the return period already (cry). Bad quality of just my bad luck? :crybaby:
  2. There has been a problem with some MAC straps not being reinforced properly, if you email she can send you a replacement strap. I got one for my Noir MAC, no problems at all.
  3. Sorry to hear your strap broke on you. Definitely write to Codi, am sure she will come to your rescue. BTW that Orange MAC is GORGEOUS!!!
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    The strap did not break, it's the actual leather piece that's attached to the bag itself broke. I don't see any stiches undone, so I am thinking it's the actual leather piece got broken off. I didn't buy this MAC from, can I still email Codi and ask for repair?

    Thanks very much.

    This is what I wrote to Codi


    I obatined your email from the PurseForum under Rebecca Minkoff's subforum.

    I bought an orange MAC just a bit over a month ago. I have only used it once. To my horror this morning, as I was trying to carry the bag, the leather piece at the very end of the strap that's sewed into the MAC bag to form a loop broke/tore off. So now, I can only wear this MAC as a clutch because the strap can not be attached on that side.

    I have asked some nice TPF members for help/advice, and they have recommended me contacting you. The strap itself is fine, it's the leather tag piece attached that is sewed into the bag itself became "open".

    Please help me. I love this MAC bag and want to continue loving RM bag. This is my first RM piece, I am so sad.

    sigh..... I hope they can help me....
  5. Oh geez, sorry I misunderstood! But yes, you should still email Codi or or, I'm sure they would be happy to have it repaired for you. RM really stands behind their brand, from my experiences anyway. Good luck and let us know how it turns out! :heart:
  6. also, you can contact Luna Boston, they will also send it in for repairs if you want to go that route. I bought my mam from them and 6 mos. later the sipper broke, I sent it into RM and they fixed it as long as you have a receipt from where you purchased it. I called Luna and they said I could also return to them for repair. Good luck.
  7. Sorry to hear this has happened. I hope you have no problems getting it sorted out. :smile:
  8. I would think they would just send you a new MAC strap and you wouldnt have to send in your bag for repair. To my understanding that is what they have been doing.
  9. kiwishopper I know exactly what you are going through. I sent an email to Rebecca and was sent two new re-enforced MAC straps within a week (one Noir and one Green Dot). I have since worn my Green Dot several times and it's as strong as ever! I'm sure they will send you a new strap just the same. :yes:
  10. Hi girls, thanks for your replies. I wish the solution is that simple since it is not the strap that's broken it's the actual leather piece attached to the bag that's undone. I bought the MAC from LunaBoston so I talked to a nice rep and he emailed me an UPS packing slip for me to send my MAC to them, then they will send it to RM in NY to be repaired. He told me it'd be the longest 6 weeks.
    Well, at least I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I really love this orange MAC, so I am hoping she will come back in one piece soon.
    I will keep everyone posted.....seems like most of you had the strap problem, not the actual leather attachement bad luck :crybaby:
  11. Oh, now I get it! I'm sorry for my assumption...there have just been so many incidents of the strap breaking that's what I assumed it was. LB customer service is great so you will not have a problem with them taking care of the repair for you!
  12. You are not the only one. I record several girls here had the same problem! BUt RM is good at helping to solve it.. Keep us updated!
  13. Hi there, I was just wondering how you can tell if a MAC has the new reinforced strap?
  14. Wow...6 weeks. I would be totally pissed off about that.
  15. Awwww...I know just how you feel about this bag. I pre-ordered one in the beginning of SEPTEMBER at the RM event at LB and it was love at first sight...and then when I got it, it was covered in several spots with black blotches (natural variations in the leather, but still very ugly). LB was kind enough to allow me to return it and gave me a discount on a future purchase, but I was sad anyway (not LB's fault...more like lack of RM QC). This is my favorite MAC, ever!

    I hope yours comes back quickly, so that you can continue to rock it, because it's the loveliest color! :smile: