Mabel Handle Issue

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Has anyone had any problems with the handles on the regular mabel.:shrugs:

    I have just noticed on my new Mabel that the handle seems to have come away slightly from where it joins the bag on the corner. :cursing:

    I do have to put a lot of stuff in her for work and have used her every day since I bought her. That was why I got this one as she seemed very strong, now I am not so sure.

    Now I have a dilemma, as I purchased it from the York outlet and don't have time at the minute to travel down there. It's about a 2 1/2 hour journey so not some where I can just call into. I am not sure if you are able to take it into a Department store or if it has to be another outlet.

    What should I do, I'm really disappointed and love the bag but now feel let down and wish I had just gone for the normal Bays for work.:sad:
  2. Oh no, the handles shouldn't be doing that after such a short time. You don't have to take it back to York, you can take it to any HOF cocession and they will send it off for you, or if you can send it with a covering letter to SM repairs if it's easier.
  3. Does it have to be HOF or could it be a Fenwick's as I may be nearer one of those. What is SM, sorry for being dense.

    What options do I have and would they give me a refund or just repair is as now I have lost confidence in it for the purpose of using it for a work bag!!!!:tdown:
  4. Thats no good, I always saw the Mabel as quite a sturdy bag able to withstand a decent amount of things inside. How long have you had it? Is it within the 12 months, I can understand your the loss of confidence I would go for a refund. SM is Shepton Mallet. I dont know if the bag can be returned to Fenwicks instead of HoF but I am sure someone who does know will come along soon.
  5. Oh no, is this THE mabel? That is effing crap!

    I can't say about fenwicks as don't know but u could give them a bell? SM is Shepton Mallet where you send bags to be assessed, and also the factory shop is referred to as SM because it's also in Shepton Mallet.
  6. You could send it SD to Shepton Mallet. They should be able to repair it. The handle came off mt Seth and they repaired it for me.
  7. You can send to shepton mallet after speaking to them, or you can contact customer services and they will tell you to send it in for inspection, I have found this quicker in the past!
  8. Thanks everyone for your advise. I have to say my OH was furious and said to take it back to York and get a refund. Never mind about repairs as it was only one month old.:mad:

    So, that is where I have been............................

    The SA were lovely and said I could have it repaired, exchanged or a full refund. I did as my OH half said and got the refund as I would have not dared go back saying I had allowed then to repair it having had it such a short time.

    The SA said it was very rare, but what I found strange was that while one went to see the manager the other when I questioned it being made in Turkey, said they had a problem with a lot of bags which all seemed to have been made abroad.:shrugs:

    The other SA had just been saying how the quality was the same where ever they were made..................Talk about mixed messages.:confused1:

    So I now have the refund and need to decide what I get in it's place. I don't think I will go for the Mabel again as a result I have lost my confidence but I need something large enough and strong enough for work.

    So, it looks like the regular Black Bays for me since they seem to be the only ones that with stand time.

    It's now a matter of the following:

    Do I get one from E bay at a cheaper price or pay full price for it????

    What do you think?

    Also, do I hold out and look for one that is made in England, will it matter?
  9. Personally, I'd get one in store so you have proof of purchase. Also, u can check the 'made in' label. I know the ladies authenticate ebay items on here, but..... I don't know I think I'd prefer store bought, but that's just me.

    The mixed msgs regarding where they're made I wouldn't worry about it per se. I would hope a mulberry factory has the same quality control in each factory regardless where they're based - so if a problem were to arise in one factory, it may arise in another. I could through of course be completely wrong.

    Great choice of black bays by the way x
  10. If your going to buy one at full price you have to do it before the price goes up.
    Ebay is the next option as I am sure you would have already rang the outlets or has this now put you off them?
    Agree with the bays, have a black printed one and it is fab and made in England!!!
  11. Thanks everyone for your valued advise.:biggrin:

    Yes I think I have been put off the outlets after this as my other bags came from department stores.

    I think I would rather pay full price for the Bays and do it before the prices go up instead of trying to find one in the outlets.

    Also, I kind of like the fact that it has always been mine as I can't get away with second hand ones, sorry.:shrugs:
  12. It's good that you got the refund and Black Bays sounds like a good replacement.
    Personally regarding where the bag was made I don't really think it makes that much difference. I have had problem free bags from Turkey and China and very problomatic bags that were made in England. I would advise you to go to a store and handpick one with a leather grain you love, what a thrill you'll feel when you find the perfect one! :yahoo:
  13. Yay!! Have fun picking one out x
  14. I think I will change my Avatar to Baysbabe!!!!!!!:nuts:
  15. Well done you did the right thing!