M by MJ Firebird Red Totally Turnlock Bowler

  1. OMG.

    I just bought it!

    eBay: Auth MARC by MARC JACOBS Turnlock Bowler Firebird Red (item 270081204838 end time Jan-19-07 18:38:29 PST)

    I am actually really really frugal with bags, so I'm in shock. I just hit Buy It Now without a second thought. I've never had that kind of impulse with a bag before! When I searched for "marc jacobs firebird" I wasn't expecting any results! It's been weeks since I've caught sight of a firebird anything!!!!

    I know this isn't like buying a $1200 bag or anything, but I've never made an impulse buy like that before (especially since I just bought another hard to find MJ bag 2 days ago on eBay).

    Whew...deep breaths :wtf:
  2. sometimes bags can do that to us ;)
    hope you enjoy it
  3. congrats!! that is an absolutely beautiful color and you will definitely not regret your impulse purchase!
  4. Congrats!! I have my Turnlock Bowler and I just love it. I'm so jealous cuz I would like another one in the red color.
  5. Congratulations! You will love this bag. I have a black one and I've used it a lot and it looks new. The red is so pretty!
  6. I'm excited too~

    I never thought I'd see a firebird bowler again! I was kicking myself for not buying one in September when they were all over the place :smile:
  7. Aaaw, I'm so happy for you, because you're a PFer too and it's my bag! :nuts: (now yours!!!!) :yahoo:

    I was hyperventilating too putting it up for sale - it's a gorgeous bag in a fab color - you won't be disappointed!! :love:
  8. Congrats! How beautiful!!! I'm currently stalking an MJ bag...hopefully I'll be a proud MJ owner soon!!
  9. Omg!!! yay! Oh I can't wait to get it. I wondered if you were a PF'er when I saw your history- seemed to be a lot of bags in there! :graucho:

    How long was the bag on eBay for? Not long, I'd imagine!
  10. Yeah, I'm a bag whore!! LOL!! It was up less than 24 hours so you were very fast. I've lost things by going out for an errand to "think about it" and really regretted it afterwards. I've grown a faster trigger finger since!
  11. heheh i saw that one and i thought about buying it but its too bright for me.. i really want the blue one.. CONGRATS THOUGH it is cute! hehe. so cool.. That was listed today right? i saw it earlier today. cool
  12. oh and if you or ANYONE comes across this bag in blue PLEASE PLEASE let me know i am looking.. i willcall the stores tomorrow thank you so much hehe
  13. congrats! firebird is such a great color! :smile:
  14. I have the carbon blue teri and it's gorgeous. I love it b/c it works as a neutral, but is a little more fun than tan or brown. You'll love it, although I haven't seen a blue bowler in weeks. I'm sure you'll come across one! :yes:
  15. I saw this and was hoping someone from tpf would snap it up! congrats!