M Birthday is Coming up...What should I get?

  1. Okay so my birthday is coming up in September!

    I have been wanting a messenger bag!

    So here are some that I am considering...



    PLUS I got a new Chocolate Brown Laundry by Sheli Segal wool knee length trench coat for the fall so I am getting this!

  2. I love the second bag.
  3. The first one. :tup:
  4. second one
  5. The second one.
  6. I like both but #2 is more my style.....BTW that coat sounds HOT!!!!

  7. the second one
  8. The second one! I'd love to see how the coat would look with the scarf..post pics if you can!:smile:
  9. i like the second one. but if you want a bag to go with your chocolate brown coat, a gg canvas bag might stand out more...
  10. 2nd one!
  11. My vote goes to the 2nd one!
  12. first one.
  13. Wow you ladies are great!!!!

    By the way! I won't be wearing this bag with the coat... the bag will be used for when I go on outings with my daughter and just can throw something around!
  14. the 2nd bag is pretty old, are they still making it? I remember because I almost bought the tan w/pink green gucci strap in the 2nd markdowns.

    Love the scarf. :tup: esp. with a brown trench. :wtf: how much?

    Since you said the bag is for tossing around, how about one of those plasticy gucci logo bags, I dont know what they're call.
  15. ^ the second bag in the brown leather with the green/red ribbon is a classic and won't be on sale...

    All of the items are on the gucci website!