M.A.B Tote, worth it?

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  1. Thinking of getting the MAB Tote in black cherry saffiano leather. I've never owned a Minkoff bag, do you guys think I should get it or save up for something better? helppp!
  2. If you're talking about mab mini tote, I'd say go for it!!! I have 4 colours for that design and I totally adore that it's easy to match with my outfits and holds lots of stuff!

    Btw, black cherry is an amazing colour! I have that on one of my mini affairs and I adore it to pieces!

    Which size are u going for? There's a mini, medium and the large!
  3. Yes and definitely get it in the saffiano! Durable and worry free :smile:
  4. The handles kinda worry me. they way they attach to the bag.
    never seen any complaints about them tearing away, though.
    But its on my list as a work bag
  5. I recently bought the black cherry in medium in regular leather and i love it!

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