Lv's & pets

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  1. do any of you that have pets/small lap dogs have the lv collars or the pet carrier ?
  2. I do not - but it's only because my Labrador Retriever won't fit! :biggrin:

    In all seriousness, an LV pet carrier will be the first purchase I make as soon as I get a yorkie!
  3. LOL yeah i couldnt see a Lab in the carrier :smile:
    I have been thinking about it for my new puppy, before I make the purchase though i think i'm going to buy a cheap one and try him in it and to get him used to it before shelling out that kind of money and then the dog not liking it.

  4. I have two small dogs but have no use for an LV pet carrier. I think they're adorable, but we only use a pet carrier when we take them to the vet (needless to say, our dogs get "nervous"), but I would seriously consider one if I took my dogs everywhere!
  5. That makes a lot of sense.
    I think that is why i'd like to try a cheap one first and see how the puppy likes it.
  6. NOT that I think any of you would ever do this, but I think its beyond awful to carry a dog in those carriers constantly, a la Jessica Simpson. It's a dog, it has 4 legs, let it walk.

    Dogs can have all kinds of behavioral problems if you don't exercise them regularly. Toting them around just to show off your $2,000 pet carrier is ridiculous!

    *jumping off soapbox*
  7. I could never buy an LV carrier for my dog. I'd be too paranoid about keeping it clean and whatnot.
  8. Well i dont think you can take your dog into malls here and places i've see her carry her dog around in.

    Otherwise it would be nice to take him places and have something nice to do it in :smile:
  9. My DH bought our doggie a LV collar, in size small, when we got him as his homecoming present and my bday present. It fits him perfectly since he's chocolate colored and it blends into his fur. I've gotten alot of pos. and a few neg. comments about it, but I don't care, to me it's cute. I remember finding him one day as a puppy chewing it up, and I was crushed! Then I thought oh well...dogs will be dogs! We haven't bought an expensive collar since!
  10. I dont think that would be much of an issue, if you treat it like your handbags.
    And if you dont have a shedding dog.. Mind you i'd just have a blanket in the bottom of the bag.
    BUT i would be sure that my dog is fully trained before putting him in one.. we dont need any potty issues :sad:

  11. Cassie Mae the Bulldog has a neck too thick for all of the dainty LV collars, but she does rather like the smell of my LV bags, she always sniffs them very intently when i'm holding them in my hand and they dangle down near her nose.
  12. LOL i'm sure its cute :smile: Your dog has good taste.

  13. I have a Pomeranian, hes fully trained, but I just cant trust him in something so expensive. :P But i'd actually like to get a collar for him.. I just dont think i'd be able to see it under all that fur..
  14. yeah they are a rather fluffy dog :smile:
  15. OH gosh that wouldnt be good :sad: