LVs are truely durable!!!

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  1. I have a few other designer bags that I bought about 2 years ago...and dont carry them as often as my LVs....but today...I was sooo disapointed to find that the leather edges that have the glazing on one is starting to well as the leather....:s

    Some of my LVs that I have had for almost 4 years now are still looking new...I get friends asking..."Is that a new bag?"

    This is why I love LV and it is the only brand that I will dish out such big $$$ are your lovely pieces holding up so far?????
  2. My very first bag, the PH, still looks great. My hubby bought it without me there and I knew nothing about caring for vachetta. When I think about some of the things I did with it back then, like carrying it out in the rain, I wonder how it survived! But I was determined to really use a bag that was so expensive. Now I rotate all my bags so they get equal use, but that first one really took some knocks. But to look at it now, you would never know. I hope all my lv's hold up as well as that one. I LOVE LV!!!!
  3. haha I know my first big LV purchase was a cabas mezzo, I use to just carry it in the rain, whatever because I never thought about the vachetta. It's still great though love that bag!
  4. All my bags are doing holding up very well, I am overly impressed with mono cles. I busted the zipper more than 3 times because I over stuffed the baby with $$ card and coins but it's back to normal as soon as I reduce the loads..I can't believe it ! My cles got so much abuse..the most useful tiny LV piece..
  5. I haven't had my bags for a while, but I know they last quite well considering how old a couple of them are (as young as a few months to as old as 20 years). LV will always be my favorite!
  6. :yes: Mine too!!!! I thought that a few times...I had stretched it out too much but it goes back to the is impressive!!!
  7. That is what I love about LV, the way they have held up after much loving use and abuse! My first bag was a mono bucket that I bought about 10 years ago. I used it every single day b/c it was my first designer purse. I even took it with me to work at McDonald's, around all that grease and smoke! The bag today is still in great shape and a family member now carries it.
  8. My Speedy 30 is 20 yo (1986 :wtf: ) and it only has 2 small cracks near the zipper. I bougt it on Ebay so I don't know if it was very ''abused'' but the canvas is still in great shape. I'm really impressed :nuts: !
  9. :nuts: Loves it!!!!!!
  10. I adore the bucket.....:drool:
  11. Yes, very durable!
  12. My damier Pap 30 fell from my hand while trying to put my daughter on her car seat
    and it was pouring outside!!!:Push:
    My DH freaked out! :wtf: and I just said...
    "don't worry honey its a damier... she'll be fine!":P
    and sure enough... after I finished drying her up,
    my baby looked like the day he bought her!:yahoo:
    YUP! :yes: definitely durable!
  13. it's cute that your hubby was concerned Sarsi! :amuse:
  14. It's his money on and in my purse!!! Teehehehe!!!:P
    He doesn't even let our toddlers play with mommy's bags!:rolleyes:
  15. My cles has definitely gone through a lot of abuse too...:lol: It's the only piece that I use every day and it still looks like new!