LVR-such GORGEOUS colorful paddys for the fall!!

  1. How does it work if you order from them with the VAT excluded?
    Do you pay customs or taxes?

    I'm on the prowl for an Ivory Paddy, since I want one that I can use this summer and througout the year...but I was just browsing the site, and OMG, the COLORS they have are so YUMMMMY!!
    Enough to make me want to sell of some of my Vuitton pieces just to get one of these gorgeous bags!

    I love this color:
    It says it's "Aubergine" Metallise

    And then there's this other metallic
    Which they're calling "Acier"



    And this one is CASTOR
    Which I guess is similar to the 06 Whiskey?



  2. The Navy is looking particularly yummy to me.... Yummy yummy yummy!

  3. I agree! I think the Jade's a gorgeous colour, too! :love:
  4. Navy here too! It's calling my name :love:
  5. is the last pic color is MUSCADE?
  6. I love the jade and the aubergine too!
  7. That aubergine is calling my name! Must ignore her!
  8. The rouge is calling to me. I have a red from 05 but I find it to orange, I want a red with blue undertones. This looks like the one, but who knows what the actual color is not on a monitor.

    I ordered a whiskey from LVR last Winter and when it arrived, Fed Ex faxed me paperwork to fill out, then released the bag. They sent me a bill for about $ 100-150 duties (can't remember) afterward. Way cheaper than buying from the US by $2-300.
  9. ooooooo I like the Jade!!! I want one! :yes:
  10. :yes:
  11. I like how the navy has silver hardware :smile:
  12. I too bought the first 05 red (thank you very much, it is all your fault). It is named rouge on the tag. Mine has blue undertones. The only place I see the tiniest bit of orange is on the 2 leather tabs that fold over the locks. I really am thinking it depends on the dye lot of the leather. SInce the name is the same, I think it is a re-release of the same color. This might be one you need to hand select in person.

    I thought I saw that bleu nuit was to be re-released as well. Same season as rouge and same original color name. If it were a different red, I think they would name it differently, kwim?
  13. heey Stratsey!
    wHAT'S LVR exactly??? is it a site or something?
  14. You're welcome (evil grin), and thank you for the info. Hmmm, I guess I should just not pre-order it then huh? I almost did this morning. The blue is also calling my name, has been for a while. Might luck out and get a deal on ebay or the MP though. Decisions, decisons :smile: