LVoe scarf/bandeau

  1. Hey everyone! I dunno if this has been posted yet or not... if it has, then I apologize for the double post (mods feel free to delete this thread), but I know there's several of us PFers who are interested in this scarf line. So my SA called me to tell me that they're available as of today Feb. 14 in Canada! :yes: Alright, just wanted to share the news! Happy V day everyone!
  2. Thanks for sharing the information. Happy V-DAY to you too~~~:jammin: :jammin:
  3. Oh wow...great news! is it the bandeau too?
  4. Oh man, where is mine! I am first on the list, and no call for me!
  5. Twink, I still havent gotten a call for my Amour scarf! I dont know whats going on at LV! Could these really be here in the US already?
  6. Happy Vday, any ideas on the prices of the LVOE scarf? Is it just in bandeau form?
  7. I think the scarf is $140 and the bandeau is $110..they're both cotton.

    But yeah I know, not a word about either this or the Amour scarf (though I doubt I'll get that). Dang, I'm still waiting for my Inclusions..I'm getting really annoyed now :cursing: :hysteric:
  8. yup bandeau too!

    and mewlicious the bandeau is 130$CAD and the scarf is most like 210$CAD
  9. No news of my scarf either yet!
  10. IS the LOVE bandeau available in San Diego LV store yet?
  11. really? I saw that one available at my local Montreal store on Jan 29:yes: My SA offered it to me and was saying that they got it that morning......wonder why the states don't have it cuz usually you guys get them first...:confused1:
  12. Actually the vuitton site says LVoe scarf is silk, I hope so :smile:
  13. I know I am waiting on the amour scarf that valentines day has come and gone don't know if I will still want the amour one :sad:
  14. Are you sure?........ LV France says it's "100% soie" which means silk in English-->see pic


    I don't like cotton............:hysteric:

    Edit: Ya.... I just saw Twinkle's post
  15. Ah ok thanks! In the book it looks like it's cotton lol. I hope it's silk too, if so, then thats a good price.
    But then again it makes me wonder why the Amour one had to be so expensive.