LVoe items..

  1. are these still available? I think it would look gorgeous with my mono speedy :yes: I've seen a few posts with the LVoe keychains and cell phone accessory, can I still find these in stores? I didn't see any on elux so I thought I'd ask the wonderful girls of tPF! I'd be happy with either one (keychain or phone accessory) and if anyone knows the prices of these two I'd appreciate it! thanks so much!
  2. I don't think there are keychains...just the phone charm which a gal on here was using as a purse charm. Looked lovely!! Call 866 and they'll locate one for you.
  3. Not all stores have even gotten these pieces in yet.
    I'd just call the 866 number and see what they say, maybe they can find something for you.
  4. Yep! They are still available! Some stores don't have them yet! I don't think there is a key chain, but I LOVE the cell ohone acc!
  5. I don't think you'll have a hard time locating any pieces. ;)
  6. Anyone is Aus seen them yet???
  7. well my friend told me that she can't buy LVOE bandeau from Melbourne, Australia. (no longe available). not sure about the other LVOE products
  8. The LV at my mall has the LVOE scarf, and Bandu.
    LV in Florida, THE GARDENS