lvlady - shipping & Best Offer help

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  1. in one of her auctions she states that shipping is $20, but then she says there is another $40 charge? Is shipping $60????

    Also, what would a reasonable Best Offer be if the bag is listed at $1100???
  2. Well, with it coming from overseas that probably is right. I know shipping on one bag from Italy is about $60-$65. The more you buy the cheaper it is for shipping.
  3. She has never accepted one of my offers so I think I might not be the best advice but I would say $900 to $950.
  4. She has never accepted any of my offers either, and I think they have been very reasonable. I've seen several other similar comments from people.
  5. hmm, thanks guys.
  6. I have to agree with the above - she almost never accepts best offers (some of the offers I've heard aren't even considered "low-ball" offers). I think it's weird because I've seen her previous auctions and she's sold some bags to people for way less than I'd expect (esp. after hearing some stories from other potential buyers). So I guess it depends if she's had the bag for a long time in her inventory...?
  7. She accepted my best offer on a coin purse, I had no problems with her whatsoever.
  8. This might be a dumb question but where did she get all these authentic bbags from? She have so many great bags for sale. I am just curious and I am thinking of buying bbag from her.
  9. I paid $50 in shipping to buy a bag from her.

    Someone else posted here that there are alot of wealthy people in Hong Kong who only use their handbags for a limited amount of time and the implication was that people there were less likely to ever purchase a previously used bag so that is why she sells on e-bay.

    I love the bag I got from her but paid the buy it now price. Peggy
  10. Three weeks ago she accepted my best offer...bag was listed at $999 and I offered $800...SOLD! So start at $200-300 below listing price and see what she counter-offers. :yes:

    Her shipping price seems to vary based on both the size and value of the bag, probably because she includes insurance.
  11. I think 10% lower is a good rule of thumb for a reasonable best offer ... esiders got 20% off in the example above, but it's probably seldom that a seller would go *that* much lower. Worth a try, though, if you won't be broken-hearted to be turned down.
  12. I would try counter offer and see if she accepts it. I don't know how much the shipping should be on a bag. you could always ask her to include it in the selling price. Good luck.
  13. That was me, I think. HK has one of the largest film industry in Asia, and before its return to China in 1997, it was also the financial centre of the region. And Chinese people in general like to show off new things and would not buy 2nd hand if they can help it.

    lvlady has accepted my best offer of $900 on a listing at $999 in the past, so she does accept best offers if she deems them reasonable.
  14. I think she will be reasonable, but it may depend on the particular bag. I can say her shipping is usually really fast. I have received packages from her faster than from nearby US states! I think she gets a lot of her bags from HK consignment shops. I have had great luck with her and got one of the best bags I own, a perfect eggplant city, from her. I don't tend to be trusting when buying bags on ebay, either.
  15. I think she also takes into consideration -

    1) Are you a "repeat" customer?
    2) If so, how quickly have you paid? (I always pay IMMEDIATELY)

    Based on the above, I think she is then more amenable to offers. However, having said that, I have been outraged by some of the offers that I've gotten as of late on some items. I don't think a 10-20% (off) offer is bad, but when people start with a 50-60% (and above) off offer ... forget it; I'd rather keep the bag!