lvlady is killling me =(

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  1. At the moment she has soooo many bags that I want...

    Cabas Alto
    MC White Trouville
    Conte de Fees Pochette in black!!!

    =( I want all of them but sadly, being a college student doesn't allow me to spend so much.
  2. I know exactly what your talking about. There is so much stuff that I want to buy, but not nearing enough money to buy them all. :hysteric:
  3. I feel your pain
    where the credit card bill and the wish lists are bigger then one's spendable funds
  4. Where? Link please.
  5. I found it. MC White Trouville looks good.
  6. i don't see the mc trouville. did it get snapped up already?
  7. I feel for you, no more LV for me for awhile too !
  8. Thanks evolkatie :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:No handbags for me for a while but Wow the reade GM is gorgeous!:graucho:
  9. OMG!!! Don't I know it! Thankfully, I don't have an eBay account and my SIL does all my buying!:lol: Sometimes, by the time I get a hold of her, the bag is gone! This arrangement is great! It saved me a lot of $$$!!!;)
  10. I SO want that Alto, but I just bought a Mezzo (YIPPPPEEEE!). I'm not sure I can justify another bag......yet......
  11. So many bags- so little money.:rant:
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