LV watch $69.999.00 on Ebay!!! 0 feedback

  1. Lolz check this out.

    Beautiful watch? Of course. I'm no LV expert but I never seen this watch before. Oh well i just thought it's kinda funny. Selling a watch for $70,000 without any feedback and not clearly picture. She also sell Cartier & Chanel watch, with 1 Hermes. The watch is just ridiculous price.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. omg. too ridiculous!
  3. omg, that's crazy. that's a lot of ebays fees if there's a npb. Looks like either a scammer or very inexperienced ebayer.
  4. Actually, LV did make a watch like this, although I dont know if the one in the pic above is authentic.
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::rolleyes::okay: authentic or not...I think I will pass on this offer.
  6. maybe he/she had a few too many? :p
  7. Wow. I would never purchase anything of that price on eBay. Not liking that watch too much.
  8. Watch looks real to me, but who would pay the $70k price tag?! :wtf:
  9. :shocked:
  10. Crazy price! :wtf:
  11. Wow it is lovely.
  12. if it sells that seller is going to get a rude awaking from paypay...they are going to restrict that account 70k zero feedback:nogood:
  13. Watch is real, but the seller has got to be outta his mind!

    Authentic_lvlady was selling a watch like this a few months back... it's a gorgeous watch, but not something I would wear...
  14. Um okay... I am NOT stupid enough to buy something of this price from someone with a crazy story and 0 feedback!
  15. Ya, so ex. :confused1: