LV wapity or Okapi case??????????

  1. I had an earlier thread about how I was finding difficulty finding a case for my very thick keys and went on a search at Eluxury and found 2 pieces that might work. Does anyone use either the wapity or the okapi case for their keys and perhaps remote? I also looked at a case called cancun and see one can remove the long strap and I thought just maybe a ring could be added on one side instead to use for keys. Anyone tried this?
  2. I would get the Wapity case or the Wapity because you can attach keys to both. I personally like the Okapi better. You can also wear it across the body which is practical.
  3. I think the Okapi would be to big as its more rectangular. I have the wappity and it holds my Canon Powershot camera perfectly so I wonder if its to big for keys too? I guess it depends on how many keys you have but I would pick the wappity over the Okapi.

    Now I have the Cancun too and funny you should mention re adjusting it, my SA gave me an extra part to try to adapt it to what I want, its the little hook thing that hangs off the Cles. I havent tried it yet as I need to get a bigger oval to go thru the Cancun, then attach that Cles part and I am good to go. Its a shame I havent done it yet or I could show you pics. This one might be your best bet as its easier to open compared to the Wappity. Good Luck. Let me know if you need any pics.
  4. I think you should go for the Cancun... it's so cute and would be perfect.
  5. I agree, the Cancun is over the Wapity! You should go to a botique (if there's one nearby) and see them IRL :yes:
  6. I just returned my Okapi GM for a MC wapity, but that was because I found the wapity to be more my style and more feminine, while the Okapi seemed kind of blah to me for some reason (even though I LOVE damier!).

    As I said in my other thread, a set of keys with car remote will def. fit in the wapity, but it might be hard to squeeze many more items in there.