~LV Wallets~

  1. Afternoon Everyone,
    I've just purchased my first LV Petite Bucket :heart: and "now" I've discovered the guides and discussion boards... sighing loudly. Now, I do believe I need a wallet! hehe I've noticed that most of the wallet photos do not show an I.D. window or holder. Is that something I would have to purchase from LV if the wallet does not come with one? Any suggestions on which wallet for the Petite Bucket? Thanks in advance!!
  2. I :heart: my damier koala wallet. I think it's the only LV wallet that has an id window. Mono and damier will go great together.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. You have impecable taste; the koala is my first choice!! I've seen a couple (can I say E-bay) but they are going for nearly retail! :sweatdrop:

  4. :yes: I love my Damier Koala too!
  5. ohhh good topic, i'm looking for one too!!!! any suggestions everybody? because i have a gucci wallet, but now i have more LVs so i'm planning to get a LV wallet ;p the longer wallets are good but I couldn't decide between the international wallet or the long wallet with zip inside .......
  6. The damier koala would fit nicely in the petite bucket (I have one, it was my first LV) and it is a classy piece.

    Hope you love it!
  7. The Koalal is very cute! You really can't go wrong with two LV products, it doesen't really matter if it matches or not.
  8. I'm chomping at the bit to use my (new to me) bucket. I'm still waiting for the seller to send me the chain that attaches the makeup pouchete, it's been two weeks!! Also, I figured it would look funny to pull out my Brahman alligator wallet. I dunno... I think that's a good excuse to go wallet hunting. :shrugs:
  9. I feel the exact same way. I have to have an ID window. I hate pulling my ID out. Besides the Koala (which I LOVE but am afraid the clasp will get to messed up) I a am leaning towards the Alexandra (which has 12 cc slots and an ID window) They also just released a BEAUTIFUL new wallet today called the Eugenie. It has 12 cc slots and an ID window. But it also has the same type of clasp as the Koala.
  10. I agree the koala is the perfect wallet, I love mine