LV vs. other highend brands??


Jan 6, 2006
Ok I had a bunch of LVs (papillon 26, speedy 25, vavin PM and a cabas piano) and sold them all when I thought the line was copied too much, too many fakes everywhere. But NOW I'm wondering if I did a stupid thing. I bought lots of other highend bags to replace my LV (Chloe Silverado and Paddington), a YSL bag, two MJ's.

My thinking is that LV is so classic that maybe I shouldn't have gone so trendy. I'm getting itchy to sell the ones I have now and go BACK to LV. I would love thoughts as to what everyone thinks? I'm confused. I feel I should love all the bags I have considering what I paid for them but I just don't. I felt special when I carried my LVs and got tons of compliments on them. And they matched everything.

Help lol.:cry: Am I crazy?!?


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Just another case of bag indecisiveness ! It's very common. ;)

I personally love Louis Vuitton, and I do feel that their bags are really great and hey, as possibly the most easily recognizable brand of bags, people don't really have to be all that interested in bags in order to know what the brand is. I would carry whatever made me happy, and if that's Louis Vuitton, then so be it ! People that know their bags can easily tell whether or not most bags are fake, and even the not so experienced can see that there is a quality difference (like my dad.. haha).

Why don't you buy another Louis Vuitton and make you decision on recreating your collection from there ? Sort of like a retrial period. ;)


Jan 23, 2006
Hi Fleur! I am having the opposite of your problem. Nothing in the LV 2006 line appeals to me...( I have been looking at Luella) Ayla has a good point! Buy another LV, see how you like it, and go from there..Carry what makes you feel good! Even though I seem to not be as LV intense as I usually am....I have to admit, carrying an LV makes me smile!


Dec 14, 2005
I wouldn't sell my LV's simply because there're classics. To reiterate what someone else said, you have to carry what makes you feel good. If you feel like adding to LV to your collection again, go ahead. You know yours is authentic even if others have fakes.


I wanna new MJ.
Jan 4, 2006
That's why I won't sell my bags because knowing I will regret later. I rather give it to my mom or something.However only few of the style in LVs that I actually like and one is the speedy. To me I think LV is a classic but you don't have to have so many of them...get a few pieces know what is it about then move on to something else. There will always be bags out there you will fall in love with later.


Dec 15, 2005
LV bags retain their value better than other brands. Even Dior, which is owned by LV, does not hold it's value. I think the reason for this is partly because it's such an old established luxury brand, and also because their product line is never discounted, wholesaled, or out of their pricing control. I've seen Dior, Kooba, etc. marked down lower than retail. LV's never are. As for being 'classic', I'd agree. Over 40 years ago Audrey Hepburn carried a Speedy 35 and the Speedy is still stylish today.


Feb 1, 2006
I JUST sent 2 of my louis to my poupette to sell as I had not carried them for what seemed like forever. (the medium Ellipse and the Deauville in monagram) I love my collection of LV's , BUT I never carried them so I think its for the best. If I dont carry them for a year they GO! (more room for new ones) I can not carry louis once the leather gets too dark. Im now getting into Gucci again and I also would love a channel. Anxiously waiting for the new LV collection for Spring. I will always be a louis girl.


Jan 4, 2006
You are not crazy. Or we both are. LOL

My first LV was the Mono bucket. I got the PTI to go w/it. It was not long before I realize & felt the same that you did. It's copied way too much. I LOVE the line but I prefer things that stand out because everyone has the Mono line.

I sold my wallet & bucket. I do own a Piano that I have NEVER ever used (plastic still on it) because of the reason you stated. I need to get off my butt & list on ebay or something.

It probably sounds strange but I prefer LV bags that will actually catch people's eye. The MC line, denium, EPI, damier. Things they that are a little different so don't feel bad. I don't think you did anything wrong.

Get a different LV line. HTH :biggrin:


Feb 6, 2006
My sister was thinking of the Manhattan PM versus the MJ Venetia, and was like.. wtf is the damn difference? I told her there's no difference, in that one will be a lasting icon, and one is just a trendy name.. Louis Vuitton handbags will forever last, and an MJ bag will go in one year and out the next.. even if the LV bag was designed by MJ himself, it's still a Louis and it's still the name that it carries.

Nonetheless, I convinced her to get the Manhattan instead, and she loves it so much and thanks me everytime she sees me for telling her to spend the extra like $200 for it, cuz she gets tons of compliments/etc for it.. And she would hardly get as many with the same thing but plain leather and the MJ initials.