Lv Usa Price Change?

  1. I was checking the LV online, I found out that some of price is cheaper Tivoli was 1400 something..and now is 1200$ something..?
  2. Tivoli gm was 1190 now 1250. Increased by 60 dollars, think the PM went up 40 dollars...did not think anything went down in price
  3. Hi!!

    I can attest to the price change- I've been eyeing a Neverfull PM for forever, and finally bought one yesterday (YAY!!) only to see that the price had gone up by $25 (from $575 to $600). The SA said that the prices went up on Wednesday 1/23. If only I had bought the purse last weekend... ;)
  4. Yes, everything went up....I don't think anything went down.
  5. yup the speedy 30 went up $25 but for the minlin it went up $45.

    in canada though, the same 30 speedy only went up $5 (620 to 625) and the miniln $10 (from 675 to 685). weird!
  6. yay! thanks for the info.
  7. Haven't prices decreased before? I bought my BH in Aug. 07 for $740 and I remember people remarking that it had been at or around $800 before. Is that true?
  8. they have, but only for the batignolles line. so far nothing in this price adjustment went through a decrease.