Lv Trunk Show

  1. Who's been to an LV trunk show? Is it a formal event or casual? What exactly do you do in a trunk show?
  2. A lot of PF'ers here have been to trunk shows.

    The only one I went to was the recent one where us Houstonian PF'ers all met at LV for the trunk show. It was basically a preview of all the upcoming handbags, RTW, and shoes.
  3. So it's not a major event? Just a regular day with a preview?
  4. No biggie. Just to see and try on the new things coming out.
  5. I heard that they serve champagne and stuff. Is that true? Can I take my kid over there?
  6. They do serve champagne which is delicious btw. Children are allowed to trunk shows.

    Speaking of trunk show: While I was there at the last one, I recall a pregnant lady with a wine glass in her hand... I took a double take! I think she was drinking water in a wine glass though. :s
  7. :sad: It was probably water, at least I hope.:yes:
    I read that pregnant woman are allowed a small glass of alcoholic beverage So if she had only one , then its ok;)

    Thanks for answering my question:flowers:
  8. no biggie, very casual and relaxed

    EDIT: forgot to mention about water... My local boutique serves Perrier

    Have fun :yes:
  9. Yeah my trunk shows are really relaxed. They don't exactly serve drinks to everyone, though if you're talking to an SA they'll ask if you want water or something (here, the champagne or wine comes out only for the larger night time parties). But the store isn't closed or anything and it's during the day, so you just walk in, look at the new pieces then leave. It's not a big deal.