LV - too many non paying bidders on ebay!!!

  1. Is it just me or do any other fellow LV sellers on eBay experience a large volume of non paying bidders? I am so angry and have to do some venting.

    I am not a high volume LV seller only list some of my personal collection but still a reputable seller LVs and license goods with excellent feedbacks.

    When I do list a LV, I must list the same item atleast 5 times before I get someone who actually pays for it. I get all sorts of lame excuses as to why they backed out of the transaction. This also includes reputable LV collectors. Some buyers even beg to to have these auctions specified for them to bid on only and then I never hear from them again.

    Any stories to share. It upsets me because it's a waste of my time and listing fees.
  2. I dont think this belongs here..........I think it belongs in the eBay section
  3. oh i know how you feel. i hate it when people bid and don't pay.
  4. I know how your feeling at this particular moment. I'm waiting for someone to send me a money order on an LV item I sold to her. Its been 12 days and still nothing. I don't know if I should just relist it. :wondering
  5. Bah, don't feel bad, I get a lot of non paying bidders even though I just sell magazines!
  6. You should tell her that if you don't receive payment within the next few days, you will re-list. This way you may sense whether or not she did infact mail out the MO.
  7. ^^I emailed her earlier today and no response yet. If I hear nothing by tommorrow I'll just relist.
  8. :yes: this happened to me too when I was selling my mobile phone. The winner of my auction never contact me, and did not pay for almost a week. Then I kept message her everyday saying that I will report to eBay and leave u negative feedback. THen :nuts: she paid. I guess she was so scared.
  9. I think Ebay has an option of "requires immediate payment" and the listing will remain active until payment is made. Not sure if this would help but maybe you can give it a try. HTH!