LV Sunglasses

  1. I loove LV Gina sunglasses.

    What do you think about their sunglasses. Do you own one? If you do, how about some pics?:yes:
  2. here are my Millionaires:

    i like most of the styles they have now and and there's no question quality-wise. nothing beats hand-made frames. as for the Gina... they're my fave women's model :yes: have you tried them on?
  3. nice, is that the case that comes with it in the background?
  4. :yes: the Millionaires come with a white leather case and a wooden display box.
  5. Wow.... =O
  6. I really really like the... Huntington's? Matty knows the name... :P
  7. wow, 2 cases?
  8. :yes: but only for the Millionaire though.
  9. oh ok, coz just incase i do buy LV glasses, i don't want to demand for 2 case!:P i suppose with a name like the millionaire, it deserves 2 nice cases! :smile:
  10. For that price it deserves more!!! Solid gold trim on the sunglasses, and BOTH cases!
  11. nah, i think the price is just right. everyone who tries it on - friends and strangers - say they feel like a million bucks wearing it. which i think is worth more than what i paid for ;)
  12. im just jealous ;[
  13. Oh you bet it is!!! :yes: :yahoo: I loooove the black Millionaires but the red is also awesome... :love:
  14. Okay, I have to much were they? I hope you don't mind me asking! :shame:
  15. $1k USD for Millionaire's.

    I saw these new sunglasses in ELLE Accessories Magaizne... by LV they are AMAZING $570.00 have a LV on each arm... sooo buying those I have the pic but im lazy