LV Speedy B 35 or Dior Granville?

Dior, Speedy? Or both?

  • Speedy B 35

  • Dior Granville

  • Both

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Jazzy says, "buy the bag".
Aug 22, 2013
World Traveler...For Realz
This post is a sorta reveal, and kinda dilemma. I'm constantly updating my collection to make sure I am getting full use out of all my bags and replacing or offloading as needed. So need your help! :biggrin:

I just recently purchased a lovely Longchamp Quadri Hobo. It's light, structured without being stiff, spacious without being a black hole, and everything in between! I actually wore my MK by Michael Kors bag into Longchamp, and walked out with my MK inside the shopping bag and the Longchamp on my shoulder. It was just that perfect of a bag!

So along with putting the MK to the side (sorry, too blingy), I'm also wondering about other bags I should keep or not. These two bags, I've carried almost equally...well the Speedy a little more just because it's not as fancy. Both are great shoulder bags for going out or walking around all day. I don't care as much about weight, but of course the Speedy is lighter. The Dior is the same color-ish as my new Longchamp. But I just want your opinions: Which one would you keep?

In all reality, I don't NEED any of my bags, so this is a moot topic of course, but I know you lovelies can assist. I just go through phases of hoarding...then clearing.

Keep the Speedy? Keep the Dior? Keep both?

Photos attached: The new Quadri Hobo, Speedy, and Granville.




Feb 3, 2013
Lawrenceville, GA
I voted for speedy B 35. You are on the LV section of TPF after all :P
I really don't care for that Dior...too blingy IMHO. They are also diff in style so depends on your current collection. GLD!!


Feb 3, 2013
Lawrenceville, GA
Thanks...maybe it's time to do a collection thread so I can re-evaluate!
That's actually a great idea!!! I ended up taking all my LV's out of my closet, took a pic and posted in the collection thread. It gave me insight into what I needed to get rid of or trade out and what I wanted to keep. It's a cumbersome process but I guess that comes with the territory of being a bag addict :shrugs:
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
These two bags are SO different. If I were you and money is not a problem, I would get both eventually.

Speedy 35 is my all time favorite handbag. Functional and stylish, the canvas material never disappoint. I never have to think about what to wear with this bag because EVERYTHING goes with it. And the bag itself is so light which makes it delightful to carry. If you ever get bored with this style, you can always add a bag charm to change it up.

On the other hand, Dior Granville is a truly beautiful bag. Whatever color you get it in, I think the design is timeless. But get this, the ones I've been looking at are made of lambskin, so you have to be somewhat delicate. Also, I don't think this bag goes with everything, I have to be somewhat conscientious of my outfit.

So there you go. Both are brilliant choices! :smile::smile::smile:


Mar 30, 2014
Keep them all! Speedy 35 is great for a more casual occasion or when you really need to carry a ton of stuff!


Jan 23, 2006
I know you are trying to purge, but really, keep both!! They are so beautiful and serve a different purpose IMO.