LV Snap Hook Question.

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  1. I just bought the Monogram Pouchette Tulum, and I think it is really beautiful. But I've never owned an LV snap hook before, and I thought it would work like a caribiner. Of course you ladies with cleses (clesi?) know that it doesn't. So can someone please instruct me how to open and close it.

    And I guess I'll just be known as the girl who cannot operate accessories on this forum. I just joined and my only other thread was about how I was having trouble opening my MJ stam. LOL.
  2. Are you talking about the keychain part? Just pull the side of the cles up and slide it out sideways
  3. LOL. I had to call the Louis Vuitton toll free number this afternoon to get directions. The first time I opened it, it took a lot of effort, now it opens and closes very easily.