LV Side Trunk?

I purchased the monogram. I saw the tan leather one in person and didn't like it. Is there anyone that thinks the tan leather side trunk looks and feels like plastic in person? In pics it looks great! I was very disappointed when I saw it as the raised Mono stamping is cool on the leather....but it just look like a fake LV bag in the leather as the leather looked and felt fake. Maybe it's just me. Lol. I just did not like it at all. I do love the monogram though! It's beautiful! So glad I got one!
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What do you guys think of this side trunk? I can’t decide if I should get it.

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If you really like it, you should get it. It's a very unique bag and one of a kind. If you think too long it may not be there and Im not sure how hard it would be to find it again. The great thing with LV is that you do have 30 days to return. So you can buy now and "think about it later" (within those 30 days). Lol :smile:
Have you seen the champagne gold one? I also saw that a midnight blue is coming out.

That said, i don't know why but I really like this in monogram, and I typically avoid monogram. I hesitate to get it in canvas though because i feel like the fold would be susceptible to cracking easily.