LV Shoulder Bags.

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  1. Okay out of curiousity, what is your favorite shoulder bag? Can have two handles or one.

  2. Galliera
  3. I love my Onatah GM in Cuir. It is so comfortable over my shoulder and fits great under my arm.

    For summer shopping, work, or travel I love grabbing my Cabas Mezzo. It has all the capacity I need and a zip top closure.

    For winter shopping, work, or travel I stick with my Black Denim XL. It is huge and is great to just toss everything into. There is no vachetta to worry about so rain or other inclement weather isn't a bother. It has two crisscross straps to close the top but I am in and out of it so often that I tend to just leave it open.
  4. I hate picking's like trying to say which child you like best!

    My Belem MM or my Petit Noe!
  5. Galliera PM
    Monty PM
    Petit Noe
    Cabas Mezzo

    in that order!
  6. Galliera and neverfull mm...
  7. Cabas alto.
  8. This is a good question. The only shoulder bag I have from LV is the petite bucket, and I really like it - it's so convenient to wear/use - but I don't think it's very stylish.
  9. My monty!
  10. I just visited LV store and falling in love with Tahitienne GM & Galliera GM. Palermo GM will be great, too ;)
  11. I only have the mono petite bucket as a shoulder bag. I love it!
  12. I know it isn't sexy compared to others, but I LOVE my Bagnitolles Horizontal for a shoulder bag. I love thats its an LV monogram bag but it has simplicity, practicality, and a classic shape... I think its perfect for a busy, work/mommy lifestyle! Laptop, snacks, sippy cup, diapers, books, files, whatever(!) always fits and the two handles are good for over shoulder or crook of arm/hand carry.
  13. Definetely Trevi! Love its shape!
  14. mine is in this order:

    1) Neverfull MM
    2) Mezzo
    3) Trevi PM
    4) Neo Cabby GM
    5) Petit Noe
  15. Nimbus, BH, Musette Tango.