LV Shopping Again Tomorrow..

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  1. I think I am going to buy the BH. But I might look at the Neverfull again.

    Which would you buy and why?
  2. i guess it depends on the straps. because from pics that i've seen of the neverfull, the mm cinched looks like the BH. the neverfull is cheaper, but i guess the BH looks a little more cleaned up.
  3. Also it depends how much you are planning to carry in your bag. I don't think the straps on the Neverfull are designed to carry tonnes. But then again I am not sure, best to go the LV store and try both on.
  4. I would go with BH as I am not liking Neverfull's skinny straps. Try both of them on and see which one feels right for you!
  5. I actually saw the Neverfull's last week. I thought they were cute but I wasn't really looking for that bag at the time, so really didn't pay much attention to detail.

    I don't carry much in my bags(wallet/cell/agenda/sunnies/books).
  6. Considering the slight price difference, I'd go with the BH because it has more to it (hardware, lining, etc.). To me the Neverfull seems more like a beach/ travel tote than an everyday handbag.
  7. bh. i don't prefer the neverfull's side straps and the shoulder straps look really thin.

    but i need a zipper for my tote, so i'd choose the cabas mezzo/piano, lockit horizontal, or babylone.
  8. If I had the chance to choose today (I already have the BH, have had it for over a year) I would get the Neverfull. It is more versatile because of the side straps. You can't really unbuckle the side buckles of the BH and walk around like that--too sloppy.

    Tried on xoAKIxo's Neverfull with a lot of stuff in it and straps loose and it was a comfortable carry.

    I gues I am more of a casual person and I just like that look.

    Have fun picking out your bag!!!!
  9. I'm liking the neverfull at the moment, so i say that :yes:
  10. Hmm, I've yet to see the Neverfull IRL. I have the BH and love it. Sorry I'm no help. Try them both out and see what feels better.
  11. I compared them both side-by-side today and ended up buying the Neverfull MM. :tup: I like it better because the straps stay on my shoulder, less structure, no vachetta piping to get dirty and the ability to cinch the bag on the fly. When it's on my shoulder, I can cinch one side of the bag closed and leave the one in front open for easy access. I figure it will make it harder for someone to reach in the bag.
  12. I'll get the BH and wait to see the Neverfull in either Damier or Azur.
  13. I have a BH and love it! When you have it on your shoulder and your arm is pressed against it, there would be no way for a pickpocket to steal anything from your bag!

    I am going to buy the Neverfull MM later today. I like the price ($620) and the fact that there is absolutely no vachetta piping on the bottom of the bag. I also love the interior lining. I think it's very cute how it cinches closed on both sides but the only thing that I wish it had was a cell phone pocket! But, at least there is an inside pocket and d-ring to clip keys.

    The BH has the inside pocket, d-ring, and cell phone pocket.

    I have the Hampstead MM which is very similar to the Neverfull MM... and even though I think Neverfull MM is also similar to BH, I'm still going to buy it!

    The BH is about $100 dollars more than the Neverfull MM..... if you don't care about the price, I'd say go for the BH first. But if you plan to carry alot of stuff, then I think that the Neverfull MM might be good! BH can hold alot of stuff, but the Neverfull MM is huge in comparision to the BH.

    Good luck!
  14. i tried on the neverfull yesterday and I loved it! Fantastic price as well! Get the neverfull x
  15. Like the BH more than the Neverfull!