LV SHOES...What do you think?

  1. [​IMG]Anyone see these?
  2. 0o00o they're cute! but no, i havent seen them IRL! are thinking about getting them, Jill?
  3. ^ I have them in my ELUXURY shopping cart....LOL!
  4. They are so nice.
  5. They are too cute!!! Get them!
  6. I :heart::heart: Them. Im gonna have to check them out next time im at Louis Vuitton.:biggrin::yes:
  7. Cute!
  8. I love those!:heart:
    I kinda have long toes and worry about toe cleavage though:hrmm:
  9. ^ Yep..I know what you mean Swanky..These would definately show toe cleavage..The vamp is very low...hhmmm....
  10. I was checking out some of LV's shoes today.I saw quite a few cute denim styles but not this one.I like them a lot :yes: ,only 1 problem if I buy these ,a denim bag will be a musthave :biggrin: .
  11. Cute!!..and I'm not even fond of kitten heels! :love:
  12. Saw them in Monaco, comfy and cute!!! Good for shorts or jeans!!
  13. Sigh, I don't like them! I generally against mules though!
  14. GORGEOUS!!!:love: But I can see my foot slipping out of it when I walk.:sad:
  15. Have you thought about this one Jill? I want it in this color.[​IMG]