LV Scarves - exquisite!

  1. I added the Monogram Trunks silk scarf to my collection yesterday and it absolutely gorgeous! My second LV scarf (previous is an orange subtle logo scarf) but I see wearing this new one as a waist wrap, regular scarf and a shoulder wrap. it is large, 36X36 so the uses are endless!

    My next purchases: the Mono carryall & Diana shoes. . .
    enjoy your day and LiVe on,
  2. Congrats!
    i really want a LV scarf but i still don't know what one i want , They are all so nice!
  3. Congratulations! :flowers:
    I love the LV scarves!
  4. congrats!!!
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Congrats!!! :smile:
  7. congratulations!:tup:
  8. They really are pretty, hope you get lots of uses out of your new one!
  9. The trunk scarf is really nice. I saw that the other day and I was thinking about getting it. Congrats, it's a beautiful scarf.
  10. Congrats!
  11. Such a pretty scarf. Please post some modeling pics for us!!
  12. I love that scarf soo pretty!
  13. Congrats! I tried the T&B scarf on some weeks ago, but didn't buy it since I already have the Monogram scarf with leopard edges. The silk they use for their scarves ties really nice.
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats!