LV Repairing

  1. Hi,
    i'd like to know if it's possible to repair LV bags (vintage bags or damaged bags) at a LV store. If it's possible... is it very expensive?
    thanx so much
  2. Yes, you can bring your bag to a store... not sure of the cost... I'm sure it depends on what needs to be done... I believe the store sends the bags out to the factories to be fixed.
  3. ya, it can be repaired. The cost varies. Just bring it to an LV boutique and let them assist you. :yes:
  4. They will assess the item and see if damages can be repaired. Just bring it to your boutique and have them take a look at could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. I sent my wallet in for reglazing and it took 6 weeks but it was free.
  5. some helpful FAQ's at

    services section / leather care & repair services