LV Repair Q

  1. My future MIL has this really old (Id say 13 y/o) Speedy and parts of the leather were chipping off, if she brings it into out local LV, do you think tht they can repair it a tad?
  2. i'd say maybe.....

    you have to talk to different SAs though!!!!! i looooove my SA and she is lovely.....but it comes to repair, she almost always says no!!! so i normally take my repair to the one at Saks....they fix just about anything for me! lol so i bring them some sweets to snack on so often!!! LOL
  3. Is it a Monogram Canvas Speedy? They might be able to replace the leather. She needs to bring the bag to the store and let them see its condition.

    They will probably send it to the repair centre and let the craftsmen inspect it. You'll hear from them if they can get it repaired or not. The cost will vary depending on the work needs to be done.
  4. yeah, its monogram canvas... and she has roughed it up!!! I hope they can help, Ill call around and ask :smile: thanks all, just wanted to know if this was their policy
  5. If the canvas is in good shape, then usually LV will fix it. They aren't going to waste their time on a bag that isn't worth fixing!