Lv Pricing During The Holiday's

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'd like to know if LV increases there prices for the Holiday Season like Dior, Chanel and other designers? If so what is the usual increase?
  2. No, they don't increase prices for the holiday season.
  3. Nope, not that I've noticed
  4. lolz that's good.
  5. lol, that would be a cruel thing to do...
  6. It sucks that Chanel will be increasing their prices again for the holidays. They'll already be increasing it beginning Nov. 1st! :tdown:

    I asked my LV SA and she said she hasn't heard anything about a price increase in the near future.....we'll see.
  7. Yah, same here. Let's hope they don't do another price increase for a while! :sweatdrop: