LV price increase?

  1. Hey everyone,
    I was wondering if there will be a price increase in November, because Chanel has a price increase on Nov. 1 and I heard LV usually increases its prices before Christmas. I would like to buy the papillon and the pochette wallet, but my trip to the LV store has been postponed with two weeks. At the beginning of this year (I think it was January), without knowing it, I bought a LV 2 days after the price increase, and I don't want that happening again! :p
  2. i hope not!
    dind't lv allready increased their prices twice this year?
  3. Yep, LV already raised its prices in July and at the beginning of this year. But according to a friend of mine, it's not unusual that they increase their prices 3 times a year. And she also said that LV often increases its prices a month or so before Christmas.
    I was planning to go to the LV store at the end of this week, but my friend asked me to go with her on a day trip to Paris in 2 or 3 weeks. Since LV is cheaper in Paris, I would like to wait until then. But if prices increase, then it might not be worth the wait.
  4. Oh I hope not! The prices are really getting out of hand. :tdown: How will we be able to continue our collections at 3 increases a year?!
  5. i doubt there will be one before christmas, the last increase was supposed to be to align prices.
  6. yesterday I went to the store, and the SA who was helping me said that they might have a price increase next month.
  7. hmm...can any one confirm??
    I might have to make Xmas purchase sooner.
  8. If that's true than I'll need to hurry! Thanks for letting us know!
    I did hear (I think on this forum) that November is a popular month for price increases.
  9. Dear everyone, BAD NEWS!!! My SA just called me to tell me that there's a price increase next monday!..:hrmm: i was shocked and forgot to ask her how much is the increase percent. .... .... ....:shocked:
  10. I am actually not surprised prices are increasing in the US. I emailed vuitton recently about the Canadian prices and the rep told me they are always "adjusting" prices due to the US/Euro exchance and CAD/Euro exchange. Since they have begun adjusting Canadian prices, I wouldn't be surprised if they are going to start adjusting the US prices soon too.
  11. ouch. does the price increase affect everything including the small things like luggage tags, cles', etc...??
  12. argh!! again??

    i think i'm going to start getting my bags second-hand (eg. from let-trade, fashionphile, or some other mprs)...if prices are going to increase 3x a year i'd rather get a bag that's a little bit used that pay so much $$$
  13. Well, that sucks. Oh well, I've just made my last purchase for a while (not just because of the increase, but also it was an HG bag so more expensive than my average purchases). But yes, I think I'll be going the let-trade/fashionphile route more in the future. They have some awesome deals anyway.
  14. well i think i'm done w/ LV for the yr too. i rarely buy their regular line nowadays anyways. i prefer the limited lines or new models.
  15. what items are they increasing the price on?