LV Price Checks!

  1. Hi, would anyone happen to know the price of the Monogram Horizontal LockIt? I'm in love with it. Also theres another bag I like but I' not certain of the name...its stamped but not the suede ones. Does anyone know about how much they run?

  2. I'd like to know the price of the lv pochette extender too if anyone knows. hee hee. Sorry to hijack your thread diva!
  3. $110
  4. The lockit bags will be....(approx.) PM $750, Vertical $850, Horiz.$950

    I think the other one your talking about may be the Antiqua line? You can check Eluxury for the prices and pics.
  5. ok thanks and no the other is'nt the antigua.. the one i'm talking about is the same material as the antigua only with the stamp
  6. hm not really related to the original question but i think this question will fall under this thread...

    is there a price discrepancy between eluxury and the actualy LV boutiques?
    is one place more expensive than the other?
    how come some LV shops are cheaper than the others? (like in Hawaii)

  7. eLuxury and the boutiques are the same prices. The Hawaii stores are the only United States stores that have lower/different prices because they are apart of the Asian Market in the LVMH corporation.
  8. i see.... thanks for the info!
    does LV boutiques require shipping cost?
    i saw in the Hawaii thread that the store wont charge shipping if you order from them...
  9. in some of the Neimans i bought lv from s/h was charged.... but some places dont... it all depends