LV Popularity in Asia/China/etc.?

  1. Where I work is right next to a dorm for a well-known design school. Lots of the girl students are from Asia/China, etc. and they all seem to ADORE LV. It's all they carry and I've seen some amazingly rare bags this way!

    Can I ask if LV is bigger there than in the US or say Paris? It seems that is and I'm just curious to know why. This is not meant to be an offensive post of any kind! It just seems that so many of the girls that are Asian can't get enough of their LVs :shame: ;)

    I was in Starbucks and the girl in front of me had the most gorgeous vernis wallet in like a raspberry purple color, I couldn't stop looking at it LOL! :lol: That's what triggered this question!
  2. My best friend lives in Japan, and she told me that LVs are very popular there. LV is like a status symbol, she said.

    I do have relatives in different parts of Asia, including China, but probably only a few of them who know what LV is.
  3. Hmm, so many of these girls ALL have LVs. I wonder where they are from? Maybe Japan and not China like I thought!
  4. LV and Chanel are the first designer icons in asian like everyone there must have one......all the newest style mostly been introduce in there first....
  5. I visited over 6 different areas in China and I didn't notice designer goods on the streets. In Hong Kong however, Louis Vuitton is definitely extremely popular. I noticed a lot of monogrammed bags.
  6. well, whenever i visit the LV store in london, there are always more asians than westerners! and they sure do spend!
  7. I've been noticing this too lately. Especially online, because my area doesn't have a big Asian population.
  8. yeah i noticed that too.
    60% of our costumers are tourists from asia. they usually come in busses in groups of 20 to 30 and buy any monogram bag there is :smile:
    it really is a status symbol there.
  9. Yes Japan is LV's biggest market. Something crazy like 1 in every 1.5 Japanese women carry LV. So virtually all of them ;) LV is so commonplace that nobody cares. It takes something flashy or Hermes for anyone to notice. V
  10. the mono speedy is also very popular in Taipei. saw that one at every corner this summer

  11. hey, another member from austria! :nuts:
    welcome :biggrin:
  12. lv is very big in hong kong, too. However, I've read somewhere that up to half of all the lv bags you see being carried there are fake =P
  13. I'm from Hong Kong and well it's not true that most of the bags that people carry are fakes. The speedy is really popular, I guess the monogram is popular in general. Most Hong Kong people are really designer driven, that's why we have such a big market for second hand bags.
  14. Asian people like LV and Chanel the most. I guess it's just a status thing. People judge you from the outside (how you dress, what kind of watch you wear, purses, ect...) If you see asian people at the mall 8 out of 10 will have brand name bags. I sometimes find the cutest purse or the newest arrival! Watch out for them asians, they love brand name purses =)

    BTW I'm asian too