LV pics with your names superimposed....

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  1. Sorry, dumb question but I've never posted any LV pictures before to any forum and was wondering if you have to buy a special software program to superimpose your user names on your JPEG pictures? Or does your digital camera software already come with this particular feature? What is the name of this software? I would like to start posting my LV pictures as soon as possible! Thx for your help!! :s
  2. You mean placing a "watermark" on the pictures?

    I use my MacBook Pro to do it. It has an Automator programme that automatically just does it when I right click the pictures. Very easy and very quick. I don't know how PeeCee people do it.

    If you have a Mac and want me to show you, let me know :yes:
  3. Yes, watermark! Thanks! My DH has an Apple, so yes, it would be great if you can show me how to do it! But, if anyone also has a PC computer, let me know as well since we have one of those, too.

    Thx again!
  4. show me too. i have an ibook..
  5. There are quite a few threads in this sub forum how to water mark your pictures! Search for those and let me know if they help.

    We can help you further if you need it! :yes: