LV Papillon 26 .. help?

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    does anybody have the LV Papillon 26? does it hold the same amount as the speedy 25 or 30? i would really like to get this bag, but it's hard to envision how much stuff it can hold or whether it can be worn over the shoulders without looking at actual pictures.. :sad: *thanks!
  2. The pap 26 fits maybe half of what the speedy 25 can. It's just completely different in terms of shape - everything fits differently and much more compact.
  3. Can hold much enough but the zipper closure isn't too comfy, will hurt our hand when put or take something inside
  4. it is bigger and can hold alot more than the 25, and it can be worn over the shoulders, I've seen most ppl worn it over the shoulders.
  5. i think u're referring to the 30.

  6. I have both Papillon 26 and Speedy 25, speedy is definitely gonna hold more, but to me I think papillon 26 holds a lot too. I love this bag. You should get it! :smile:
  7. speedy 25 holds more than the papillon 26. also it wont fit on your shoulders unless you want to smoosh the bag
  8. I own both the papillon 26 and 30. The papillon is a little shorter and smaller than the speedy 25; however, it still holds alot. I find getting things out of the papillon 26 easier than the speedy 25. I am very, very petite and the papillon 25 will fit on my shoulder if I am wearing thin clothing. The papillon 30 fits easier on the shoulder and holds alot more than the papillon 26 and the speedy 25. The papillon 26 though is so cute, it really looks great being carried on ones forearm.
  9. I am not a big fan of the papillon model. I would personally go for the speedy if it's a choice between the two.
  10. I have both papillon 26 and speedy 25. Papillon 26 doesn't hold much, I can only put my wallet, cell phone, small cosmetic pouch, and keys in it. If I put more stuff in it, I would have difficulty taking things in and out.

    If you have small shoulders, you might be able wear papillong 26 over your shoulder. I do it sometimes but the purse will be vertically behind my shoulder.

    Speedy25 difinitely holds a lot more

  11. oops, my bad, didnt read the question carefully.

    The papillon26 can fit alot but not as much as the LV speedy25, papillon26 can fit over the shoulders and I've seen lots of ppl worn it over the shoulders.
  12. thanks everyone for your help!