lv panda wallet or another balenciaga weekender/worl?


lv panda wallet or another balenciaga weekender/worl?

  1. lv panda wallet

  2. balenciaga work/weekender

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  1. another dillema aaarrggghhh

    FYI, i already have several balenciaga bags and 2 of them are weekenders. only the crazy b bag girls in balenciaga sub maybe understand this :p
    and i also already have a LV panda in medium organizer, but still drooling over this panda wallet too :p

    which to choose?


    btw, i haven't decided on the colour, maybe between black, rouille (reddish orange) or maybe something blue?

    thanks :yes:
  2. anyone? :p
  3. Ooh so hard to decide :lol: how if you bought Panda first ( I :heart: Panda ) then Balen coz Panda is LE but you can find Balen anytimes ( espec. if it's great deal but not sure as I noticed some HK resellers such as authentic_lvlady, lvlady99 etc, selling much Balen so I assump you can find Balen anytime ), good luck :smile:
  4. um.. I vote for the Weekender hands down!! but.. err.. would that be kind of biased? I would like to think even if I weren't a bal fanatic.. I'd still rather have the weekender...

    ok, to play devil's advocate.. you only have the panda organizer... what are you using as a wallet? Does the panda wallet actually fill a void in your collection?

    Or on the other hand.. even though you already got two weekenders... is the new one you're considering of another colour family?

    I think unless you're a Bal gal - others don't really understand why you need in their words "the exact same bag". I say "No it isn't! The colour makes it a totally different bag!!"

    What do you think sea?
  5. thanks girls :p

    actually my wallet is the MC PTI, which is huge, and i think i might need a smaller wallet to fit into my smaller bags for night out :p

    my weekenders are in :

    my next work/weekender maybe black or i ge a chance to get one in rouille
  6. oh panda. oh no doubt panda! such a yummy bum!
  7. aarggghhh it's a tie 3-3!!!

    more votes please :yes:
  8. i vote panda, seahorse-dear!!!!!!
  9. Another vote to tip the scales in Work's favour :p
  10. I'd always go for a bag over a purse or should that be a purse over a wallet . . .?!
  11. Pandah!!
  12. Hands down, Balenciaga Work/Weekender.
  13. Balenciaga. As much as I loooove the little Panda, I don't like the style of the wallet. Too guy-ish.

    Plus I'd rather have a new bag to show off!
  14. you should get the balenciaga work cos you will get more out of it!
  15. despite my chance to have a bal grenat work, i passed to buy this black city with most delicious leather from '04 :yahoo: