LV on Judge Hatchett

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  1. Huh...I never watch daytime TV and hubby is home and tells me to quickly come and watch because there were LVs on TV. So of course I ran in to the room.

    Turns out a woman was selling counterfeit LVs. A woman bought a bunch of them to sell at a flea market. The flea market kicked her out because the police had been busting people for counterfeiting. So she decides not to pay the girl who sold them to her.
    So the girl who originally sold them took the buyer to Judge Hatchett.
    The judge dismissed the case saying you don't have to pay for counterfeit merchandise.

    What I want to know is: Why is the plaintiff (the one who originally sold the fake LVs) not being arrested? And why the Judge didn't even say anything.

    It kind of sent home the message that counterfeiting is OK that you won't get arrested!
  2. I would have loved to see that episode. And, yes it did send the wrong message.
  3. I wished I would've seen that show!
  4. yea that is sending a wrong message. the judge should've said/done something to show people you will get in trouble for selling counterfeit merchandise.
  5. Yea I know! The crazy thing is that the judge didn't even really know LV...she said 'how much would a real one cost...$200?"...LOL even my husband was laughing at that!
    I wanted to reach through my TV and strangle both the plaintiff and defendant!
  6. lol that's too funny @ "'how much would a real one cost...$200?"
  7. i saw something similar a long time ago on ppls court where a lady bought a bag from someone on ebay and they sent her a fake lv
  8. I saw it!!! While I was packing for my trip... They said the Trouville or whatever it was sold for $600...ha! It was soooo icky with disgusting plastic all over the handles. Of course, I was fascinated and was only wishing I was packing an amarante Pegase.... The Judge also said she'd never own a bag with someone else's name on it...hahaha... I thought that was a really good one. Thank god her stylist came out and said that you can't even buy a keychain (cles) at LV for $200....heehee... but, the whole show made me realize that people are creepy and will sue you over a couple of hundred bucks, like way less than an LV... man, it's tough being authentic...
  9. LOL Veronika....I wasn't even sure what bag it was trying to be!!!!!!!! That's how ugly of a fake it was!
  10. ^^^ I'm so glad you saw that too! And, at least no one got any money cause the bags were fake... Oh, we have those at the flea market here, and they are NOT superfakes.... they are ickyfakes....
  11. I also hate the fact that she didnt say anything about the original seller ugh...
  12. lol i wish i saw that episode
  13. The plaintiff had a lot of nerve to sue when she was selling something illegal. That's like taking someone to court, because they didn't pay you for the meth you sold them. :rolleyes:
  14. ^^^^I was cracking me up! I was thinking 'I HOPE that the police are watching this, so they can arrest you after the show'....the nerve!