LV on Ebay: Sellers Beware

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  1. Hello. Just wanted to warn legitimate sellers of LV on Ebay. The buyer "peewee-herman" in St. Augustine, FL will "buy/win" your purse, then claim "significantly not as described", then do a "chargeback" with credit card company, then send you a fake parcel to obtain "proof of shipment from buyer and receipt by seller". She stole my LV Damier Neverfull MM this way. I offered refund several times after she indicated it was fake and smelled of vinyl. But never returned the purse and won her chargeback case. Now I'm out a $700 purse and the fees to fight the chargeback via Paypal.:tdown: I found out after it was too late for me that she also did this a month earlier to a seller in Canada. I can't believe their are people out there that do this. :crybaby:
  2. on my list, as i am in so fla. i am so sorry this happened to you.
    can the police be contacted regarding this? do you have pics of your bag online that show the bag you recieved as a different bag than yours, or a tag that shows that its yours for sure? please keep us updated.

    i feel for you and you are in my thoughts.
  3. wow, so sad this happened. Can't you contact PayPal and tell them what you have learned. If you and this other seller can sign an affidavit to the fact, perhaps Paypal can reverse their decision.
  4. Do you have your original photos? If you do and then take pictures of the fake one. Presuming that details are incorrect i.e. placement of the Damier pattern, interior or datecode then you'll be able to prove that the one they returned you, is A) not the product you had originally shipped off and B) the product is indeed a replica.

    Hopefully if you do, get in touch with paypal/credit card company and how you can prove that they sent you a completely different bag back, then they'll reevaluate the situation and sort something out.
  5. I can't believe someone would do that! :sad: I hope you figure something out, I'm so sorry :heart:
  6. Sorry to hear !

    Maybe the ladies in the eBay forum will be able to help you ! :yes:
  7. who would even bother to leave feedback like this , I would have left NONE, sure not positive...

    FeedbackFrom / PriceDate / Time[​IMG]Excellent job (you got the bag and the refund); well done!!Seller: [​IMG])
    Jul-25-08 22:13 -- (#110259255032)

    what a scam, I hope you're able to do something,
  8. I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. I always feel paypal doesn't protect us the way they claim to.

    I am in the middle of a chargeback and no one will tell me what it is about. I sold a bag four months ago. I have proof of delivery and positive feedback. Now four months later I get a chargeback. It is only $149 but I am waiting for paypal to give me my money back!!!!
  9. You should be able to contact Paypal in regard to good received back not is same condition as sent out?

    Phone paypal and say you want to contact police regarding the switch

    good luck!


  10. ^^ she might have hit positive by accident (the other seller) I've done that before :rolleyes:

    Are the rules the same in US as they are in AUS? Just recently they decided we can't leave a buyer a negative any more, only positives, BUT a buyer can leave a seller negative...despite situations like this we would still have to leave positive to make a comment...

    What a horrid person :nogood: - I'm so sorry this happened to you.

  11. and are trying to make paypal the only payment option :rolleyes::rolleyes: - with stuff like this going on, what a joke....they are trying to get it approved, I'm curious to know is this the same on us ebay? the feedback and attempting to bring in paypal for payment only? Also we HAVE TO offer paypal as a payment option until it becomes compulsory. Barely even worth bothering with ebay anymore.
  12. I would report all this to ebay/paypal AND also file a report with the police in Fla. if I were you. Especially after she left that FB indicating that YOU scammed HER!! What a clever crook that one is to reverse the situation! I bet ebay would pay attention to that if you tell them. Be persistent and take it to the supervisor.
  13. Go after this dirty scammer!!!
  14. That is awful, I am sorry this happened to you.
    Thanks for the warning, I blocked him/her