Lv News: X'mas Stuff

  1. :pWhat do you think about them?:p
    LV48 Portachiavi Alzer.jpg LV50 Porta chiavi Boîte chapeau.jpg LV52 Portachiavi croisette bleu.jpg LV53 Portachiavi croisette rose.jpg LV51 Porta chiavi Boite chapeau aperta.jpg
  2. :p Sorry the images for the Grelots (it's similar to the pastilles but with coloured X'mas balls and little bells) are to big... I'm not able to reduce!
    LV49 Porta chiavi Alzer aperto.jpg
  3. Wow I like the first one and the second
  4. Ciao Stephanie!!:flowers: Very cute!!!:heart:
  5. cute cute cute I gotta have the little alzer and wear it as a necklace
  6. I saw the Alzer & the Boite keychains in London and they are sooo cute! But they are kinda heavy. But i'm soo getting the Boite one!
    Thanks for posting pictures!
  7. I like all of them. Thanks for the pics.
  8. Wow!! I love them.
  9. very cute
  10. Love the first and the fourth one. Prices? :sweatdrop: Oh dear more things for my wishlist.
  11. Cute!!!!! I like the Grelots, but unfortunately the gold hardware doesn't go real well with most of my bags ;-(
  12. Wow - so cute - thanks for posting:yes:
  13. :heart: It has a mirror inside!!!! Gotta have that!
  14. It is on rakuten ---very cute:heart:
  15. aww they are all so cute! thanks for posting the pics.