LV Newbie with ? about Denim Cabas Reye GM

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  1. Hi,

    I would love to hear from someone regarding this bag. I saw it on the LV website and think it is just beautiful. I think it is new but not sure....

    Does anyone have it? Know anything about availability, pricing, etc?

    Also, is there a specific name for the line with the seal--is it trunks and stamps?

    Please forgive my ignorance on these lines; I have a beautiful bh but she is the only LV I own so I'm learning as I go here...:rolleyes:
  2. the line is called denim raye and it was from the cruise collection '06 it is no longer available in stores, all sold it. this bag your referring to, the cabas was a little over 2k
  3. the cabas raye gm is pretty much sold out. i actually asked about it at LV today and it's hard to find in their system. some tpfers do have it if you do a "search" for the name.

    the trunks and bags line just got a few new items, namely the neverfull & the mini pochette accessories. more will be coming out later this year in damier and the azur damier too.
  4. Thank you very much! It's still on the LV site catalog, so I thought it was still available....
  5. I used to have this bag and it was gorgeous. You best bet now is eBay
  6. Good luck on your search- but ITA with everyone else that it's most likely sold out.